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Regular tee -- $5

Our regular tee, sourced from the top providers of vintage and second-hand clothing in the nation. These shirts are generally a medium grade of softness, are 100% cotton or cotton/polyester blends, are colorful, and super great for exercising, relaxing, sleeping, or wearing however you like!

We do our best to sort out anything with fast-fashion brand names on them, as those are considered undesirable by our customers, so feel free to send us a photo if you don’t like your tee -- remember, satisfaction is guaranteed!  

    • Generally 100% cotton, or cotton/polyester blend
    • Medium grade of softness
    • Greatest number of colors to choose from
    • Fun, print or logo (no blank tees -- unless you ask, of course)


True Vintage -- $15

Our True Vintage tees are generally from 1999 or earlier, but may also include rock band concert tees from the early 2000s; we determine the age by subject matter of the print (Friends TV show, etc). They are older than our regular tee and are of a higher grade of softness. They can generally be resold for $20-$50 on eBay or in brick and mortar retail.

    • Older, softer
    • Printed (no blanks)
    • Generally from 1999 or earlier, but may include some from the early 2000s
    • Medium or high softness grade

Premium -- $35

This is the good stuff. We have a done (and continually update) deep market research to find the best and most desirable vintage tees. They are old, follow specific heuristics, and can be resold on eBay, as well as in stores (both online and brick and mortar).