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Shipping & Returns

FREE Shipping for orders over $30
Regular shipping: $5.75 for orders below $30
Regular shipping for Tshirt subscription: $3.50 

Free Shipping for orders over $100
Regular shipping: $20 for orders below $100

Free shipping for orders over $100
Regular Shipping: $35 for orders below $100

We are attempting to solve the waste crisis by matching clothing back to consumers! You will receive a surplus item from a young designer, off price brand, or vintage or revived item. 

  • You can return for your money back 
  • You also have unlimited exchanges, but must pay for shipping
  • We put you first, and are here to make you happy -- please reach out and we will do our best!
  • We will continue to match clothing to you as best as we can. 
  • Please provide as much info on what you love in terms of style, color, and themes
  • If you donate clothing, we will upgrade your order based on the quality of what you donate (send us a cool tee from any era in great condition and we will send you back a premium tee with your next purchase!)

ABSOLUTELY all full price Items are fully returnable unless purchased on Clearance Sales. 

If you're not completely satisfied with yourpurchase, you can return the item within 30 days for a full refund. The only exceptions are special clearance sales where we do not accept returns 50% or above. For returnable items, just follow these steps:
1. MARK THE RECEIPT - Mark the items you're returning on the invoice that came with your order, and include in your return shipment. 
2. MAIL THE ITEM BACK TO US - Buyer must pay for return shipping. 
111 Water St
New Haven CT 06511
3. REFUND - Refunds are made to the same method of payment as your order, and are processed within 10 days from the arrival of your return package.  When this appears on your credit card statement will depend on your bank. 

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