Free Shipping for U.S. orders over $55

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We are an eco-friendly company with a unique exchange policy that is more cost effective for you, our customer, and better for the environment.

For All Regular Mystery Items:

  • You are allowed up to 3 exchanges
  • You do not have to pay to ship the goods back to us; you have two options
  • Give to someone in your life (friend, someone you know in need) and provide a photo of the recipient in their new swag to OR donate them to any clothing charity, and send your donation receipt to, to receive your free product code that you apply at checkout after shopping for your new exchange item, see our donation page for more info!
  • When you checkout, you will only pay shipping one way (rather than both ways), AND you’ll get a new good for the shipping of the exchange, the item is free of charge.
  • If you do not wish to donate, email us at and we will give you a code for a percentage off your exchange item.

 For All Collectable Products:

  • You are allowed unlimited exchanges
  • Ship the item to TagPop 111 Water ST New Haven, CT 06511
  • We will issue you a new product once we receive the old one

Refund Policy

For every order, we do not issue refunds on shipping cost. 

We provide refunds only for items that have failed our sorting process and have the following characteristics.

  • Multiple stains (more than two)
  • Damaged beyond wear and tear (please note that some damage, as is the case with Premium Vintage tees, is considered desirable and additive to value)
  • If your tee shirt is one of the following brands (or fast fashion)
    • Old Navy
    • Hollister
    • Forever 21
    • Aeropostale
    • Abercrombie
    • American Eagle
  • Offensive or undesirable Graphic (this is grounds for an exchange, but we may make exceptions if this garment would have otherwise been sorted out by us)

If you wish to pursue a refund, you must provide a photo of the garment , and email us at

Style Preferences

Enter your style preferences at checkout and provide as much info on what you love in terms of style, color, and themes

Please feel free to provide additional feedback in our survey here

FREE Shipping for all orders over $55
Regular shipping: flat rate $6.75
Regular Shipping: orders less than $5, flat rate $7.75
Free Shipping for orders over $100
Regular shipping: $20 for orders below $100
Free shipping for orders over $100
Regular Shipping: $35 for orders below $100