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Donate, Earn & Help Save The Environment

Did you know? Nearly 85% of Americans don't donate their used clothes, and more than 10.5 million tons of clothing waste goes into landfills each year (that's 7 Dallas Cowboy-sized football stadiums PER YEAR).

TagPop's mission is to resell, repurpose and revive clothing in order to combat the fashion waste crisis. Therefore, we're incentivizing you to donate and in return, we give you a $5 TagPop credit toward a Regular Tee or Flannel.

How it works

1. Donate your clothes to an accredited donation center or to your favorite charity
2. Take a photo of the receipt or ask for a digital version by email.
3. Send the photo or digital receipt to and we'll send you a $5 TagPop Credit

This is also how we process exchanges; if you don't like an item you received, just donate it or give it to a friend. Send us a photo and in return, we’ll provide you with a code for a new item. Learn more on our Shipping & Exchanges page.

Plus, we as a company donate to people and places in need. Most of our sorted out merchandise is perfectly wearable, but we don't sell them all because we have learned what our customers don't want. So we donate to our community and local charities. In the future, we want to donate all over the country! This is our way of giving back to people in need.

We donate regularly to Bowery Mission (focus on work clothes), The Commonwealth Baptist Church (focus on warm clothes) & Style Saves (focus on children's clothes).

For Earth Day, we are donating to The Latitude Project, specifically towards their clean water campaign. 

Be part of the solution – donate today!