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Donate Clothing and Earn Points

Tagpop's mission is to resell, repurpose and revive clothing in order to combat the fashion waste crisis. Therefore, we're incentivising you to donate and in return, we're providing a free credit for a mystery tee.

More importantly, this is how we process exchanges; if you don't like an item you received, just donate it. In return, we’ll provide you with a code for a new item. Learn more on our Shipping & Exchanges page.

Simple step-by-step:
1. Donate your clothes to an accredited donation center or to your favorite charity
2. Take a photo of the receipt
3. Send the photo to or if it's in place of a return.

Check out the video below to see it in action!

Did you know? Nearly 85% of Americans don't donate their used clothes, and more than 10.5 million tons of clothing waste goes into landfills each year (that's seven Dallas Cowboy-sized football stadiums PER YEAR).

Be part of the solution – donate today!