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Win more with TagPop!

Today, we’re launching our “lottery system,” based on our new tee products. In order to better motivate our customers, we’ve made shopping with us way more fun. The lottery system gives you the chance to get higher-value products the more you shop.

How does it work?

Every time you order a regular tee for just $2.50, you’ll have a greater chance to win a true vintage ($20) or premium tee ($35) instead!

How to win the lottery with TagPop! from TagPop on Vimeo.


We are also extending the Lottery system to other items in the future, like Handbags, where you will be able to order a regular Handbag with the chance to win an Ultra Premium one for the same price.

Your chances are calculated based on the following:

We track everything through a points system in which you are rewarded points for every action. When you win or donate, and even when we introduce new products and categories, you will be eligible to receive promo codes for you and your friends. We highly encourage you to share and spread the love (as we built our company around surprising people and spreading joy).

How can you win more? 

Keep on poppin’!

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